Forsterker 2x30w m Bluetooth

Input: AUX/RCA, Bluetooth


Stereo audio amplifier in a minimalist compact housing for concealing in a wall or ceiling cavity to power a background music system. Signal input is via Bluetooth connection or stereo AUX input with a stereo AUX output for daisy-chaining several amplifiers in a larger installation. Connecting to ceiling or wall speakers provides an expandable discreet sound installation for home, retail or hospitality venues.

  • Compact digital stereo amplifier
  • Bluetooth receiver with unique pairing ID per unit
  • Supplied with 12V power adaptor


Accessories following;

- Cabel from Amp to 3.5mm jack for direct input in audio source
- Speakers cabels 2x3m 

Specification : Common

  • Power supply12Vdc, 2000mA (adaptor included)
  • Bluetooth version4.0
  • Minimum impedance4 Ohms per output
  • Speaker outputsL-/L+/R-/R+ screw terminals (Euroblock)
  • Auxiliary inputL/G/R screw terminals (Euroblock)
  • Auxiliary outputL/G/R screw terminals (Euroblock)
  • Dimensions124 x 40 x 27mm

Specification : Versions

Output : rms @ 4 Ohms2 x 15W2 x 30W
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