• Integrated Guest Network
  • Custom Linux-based OS
  • Intel NUC hardware
  • 8+ simultaneous streams
  • Support up to 4K UHD in 60fps
  • Supports AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast
  • AirServer licence included
  • Works together with all Legamaster e-Screens


  • Legamaster AirServer Connect offers the easiest ways to share your screen. No apps or additional hardware is required
  • The custom Intel NUC hardware allows for streaming in 4K, 60fps
  • The supported AirPlay, Miracast and Google Cast protocols make this a universal solution, fit for all devices. From Mac to Android, Windows to Chrome OS, Legamaster AirServer covers your needs
  • The integrated guest network makes sure anyone can connect, even when they are not on the company / school network
  • Legamaster AirServer Connect keeps your networks safe. Administrators can set the rights for users casting or streaming, allowing for a closed of system or enabling internet+LAN access for users
  • Because the Legamaster AirServer Connect is a dedicated device, there are never any background processes or other software programs running in the background. The system will stay as fast and secure as when it was first unboxed.


Product familyNot applicable
Power supply19V DC adapter
Input connectorsEthernet, USB 3.0 (4x)
Output connectorsHDMI 2.0, VGA, Audio-out, mini-toslink
Package contentsPower supply unit, Mounting material, Quick setup guide, EULA
Cable lock slot holeyes
Streaming protocolsAirplay, Miracast, Google Cast
IEC world plug typeA, C, I, G
Output resolution / frame rate3840 x 2160 / 60 fps
Operating systemLinux
Article EAN / KEA8713797090032 / 7-863110
Packing UnitPC
Packing dimensions142 x 122 x 115 (mm)


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