Avantage Nomyuo Inlite


The version of NOMYU INLITE was developed in order to get a similar design to Nomyu through a simple and economic method of manufacture.

This model can be manufactured in stainless steel (AISI 304/316)or painted steel (available in all RAL colours) using steel plate of 1,5mm to 2,5mm which ensures the stability and rigidity of the all structure.

This Kiosk is designed especialy for multimedia advertising purposes and support large displays (17’’ to 103’’).The two sides of the kiosk are designed so that there is a great vesatility.

The area where the PC will be installed has security locks, general switch and is easily detachable, leaving enough space for the installation and access to a minitower PC. On the side of the monitor are two speakers and the kiosk has 2 independent systems of ventilation, one for the monitor and other for the PC.

NOMYU INLITE can be equipped with computers with diferent "performances" (CPU) with hard drives from 100 to 320 GB, 4 Gb Ram Memory, 128mb graphics card expandable to 512, 10/100 mb ethernet, and Windows 7 or 8.

 This kiosk can also be equipped with computers with other OS like Linux, etc.

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